Cutting-edge spas, engineered for maximum comfort

Traditional hot tubs often have wasted space around the edges, limiting your ability to truly stretch out and unwind. We believe in the power of "More Room, More Comfort", meaning that you won't be cramped or confined.

Automated, error-free manufacturing

Our new, fully computerised manufacturing facility ensures consistent, high-quality output, giving our products an unparalleled level of quality and finish previously unseen in the spa industry.   Each spa is manufactured and tested entirely by machine, eliminating human error and producing quality and consistency that is simply unmatched.

Welcome to a new era of manufacturing excellence.












Full Body massage recliner

Experience the relaxation of your entire body all at once - from your neck to your toes.

Accu-pressure back massage

A number of accu-pressure jets are used in one seat to precisely target pressure points in the back and lower neck.

Foot massage therapy

With more nerves and muscles in your feet than anywhere else there’s no doubt why everyone loves our foot massage jets.

Airjet massage system

In addition to powerful hydro jets, Oasis Spas hot tubs also include a soothing, pre-heated air bubble massage system.

Energy Efficient & Soothing

The air is preheated by a 400w heater before being adding to the spa, reducing energy consumption. This minimises the temperature differential between the water circulating in the spa and the much cooler air being drawn into the system — increasing user comfort and easing the heating burden on the spa's primary heater.  If used alone, the 400w air massage system uses just 20% of the power of the hydro pumps.

Ambient lighting to match your mood

3 Distinct LED lighting areas for an unparalleled relaxation experience.

Water Level LEDs

Large Underwater LED

Illuminated Controls

LED Pop-Up Fountains












Touchscreen controls with built-in WiFi & Bluetooth

5-Year Warranty

5 Year Warranty

The SPATECH TP10 control system comes with an unbeatable 5-year manufacturer warranty, giving you supreme peace of mind.

User-Friendly Interface

Thanks to its simple and efficient configuration, the bright LCD touchscreen keypad is is intuitive, user friendly, and simple to operate

Integrated WiFi

Integrated WiFi gives you full control of your spa via a convenient smartphone app, whether you're at home or away.

Bluetooth Stereo

Play your favourite music directly from your spa with a high-quality, integrated Bluetooth stereo system

Easy control at your fingertips

With 18 years of experience, the SPATECH control system offers a new world of possibilities for spa users.

The new fully-featured TP10 system from SPATECH includes all the premium features you'd expect, and offers the perfect balance between style and functionality.  It includes integrated WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and is designed to be the most intuitive and robust system on the market.

The TP10 control system features a 5-year warranty for supreme peace of mind.

Easily monitor and control your spa from your phone

The SPATECH app offers full control and real-time monitoring of your spa, whether you're at home or away

Enjoy unrivalled water purity

Our efficient antibacterial filtration system provides crystal clear, food-grade water.

High efficiency filtration

Highly efficient blue filters quickly remove debris from your spa, ensuring a safe and clean experience is always ready for you.

Virus and bacteria elimination

Ozone venturi allows O3 to fully integrate with the water so that every drop of water is sanitised.

Food-grade water quality

Enjoy food-grade water quality with NSF food-grade hoses, ensuring that the water meets drinking standards and protects you and your family from harmful chemicals.

Energy Efficient

Powered by a high-performance pump, our system ensures low energy consumption and efficient energy-saving, allowing you to relax and enjoy your spa worry-free.