Designed for living, engineered for life

Award-winning swim spas with revolutionary, variable speed inverter technology


Key Features:
Integrated Spa Area
Lengths from 3.5 to 6.0 m
Standard 1.2m Water Depth
2x 3hp Swim Pumps
2" Flow Pipework
2x 3" Swim Jets


Key Features:
Integrated Spa Area
Lengths from 4.4 to 8.0 m
Extra Water Depth 1.45m
2x 3.5hp 10-Speed Pumps
3" Flow Pipework
4x 3" Swim Jets


Key Features:
Dedicated Swim Spa
Lengths from 4.4 to 7.0 m
Choice of Depths
Choice of Pump Configuration
2" or 3" Flow Pipework
2x or 4x 3" Swim Jets

Ingenious design for maximum comfort

Experience Freedom in Every Stroke.  Riptide swim spas benefit from a 2.35m width swim lane,  providing a more spacious swimming area , and allowing for a more comfortable and natural swimming experience.

Choose Your Plunge

Standard Depth (1.2m)
Easier to access, cheaper to heat and maintain.
Extra Depth (1.45m)
With greater depth, an extra depth swim provides a more realistic and challenging swimming environment.

Extended swimming area

A more spacious and continuous swimming area.  Whether you swim competitively or are interested in fitness and endurance, a Riptide swim spa will put your goals within reach.

Swim Line

This line contrasts for easy positioning in the swim stream.  Made from durable EVA resin, it offers foot protection, resists ageing and ozone, and won't peel.

Patented 3-inch power flow swim jets

Indulge in a truly professional quality swimming experience with the very best swim jets on the market.

  • Revolutionary honeycomb design, which is different to every other direct injection jet on the market.  This allows a more uniform flow pattern without any vortex turbulence.
  • Power flow swim jets for targeted resistance powered by high flow pumps, allowing maximum smooth water flow.
  • Correct jet positioning is crucial.  Our swim jets target the shoulders and chest for maximum resistance.

Unleash your best swimming performance

Be at your best every day by making your swim spa a part of your daily ritual. Experience benefits like the relief of stress and tension from sore muscles as well as emotional and mental wellbeing.

Joint-friendly exercise with accessories

Create your effective aquatic fitness routine. Get the most from your swim spa experience with our wide range of swimming accessories.

Exercise Handrail

Great for kids, less experienced swimmers and aerobic training.

Swim Pole

The swim pole assists you in staying afloat, helps keep you in a straight lane, adds resistance if required and aids you to become a more efficient and faster swimmer.  If you're a novice or competitive swimmer the swim pole can help you to improve your swim.

Exercise Band

A variety of exercises can be performed for different muscle groups and fitness levels to help improve flexibility mobility and balance.

Full body massage recliner

Experience the relaxation of your entire body all at once - from your neck to your toes.

Accu-pressure back massage

A number of accu-pressure jets are used in one seat to precisely target pressure points in the back and lower neck.

Massage wall

The massage wall is just what you need after a workout to make you feel better, ease muscle pain, improve circulation, and help you recover faster.

10-Speed inverter flow control

The world's only swim spa with variable speed inverter pumps.

Unlike any other swim spa on the market, Riptide swim spas are equipped with variable speed inverter pump systems.  This means that unlike other swim spas that use on/off type pumps giving only a few settings, Riptide swim spas are capable of producing 10 distinct power levels.   

From beginner to olympic swimmer, and all levels in between.

Touchscreen controls with built-in WiFi & Bluetooth

5 year warranty

5 Year Warranty

The SPATECH TP10 control system comes with an unbeatable 5-year manufacturer warranty, giving you supreme peace of mind.

User-Friendly Interface

Thanks to its simple and efficient configuration, the bright LCD touchscreen keypad is is intuitive, user friendly, and simple to operate

Integrated WiFi

Integrated WiFi gives you full control of your spa via a convenient smartphone app, whether you're at home or away.

Bluetooth Stereo

Play your favourite music directly from your spa with a high-quality, integrated Bluetooth stereo system

Easy control at your fingertips

With 18 years of experience, the SPATECH control system offers a new world of possibilities for spa users.

The new fully-featured TP10 system from SPATECH includes all the premium features you'd expect, and offers the perfect balance between style and functionality.  It includes integrated WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and is designed to be the most intuitive and robust system on the market.

The control system features a 5-year warranty for supreme peace of mind.

Easily monitor and control your spa from your phone

The SPATECH app offers full control and real-time monitoring of your spa, whether you're at home or away